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Horse and Rider Vacations by Rob Daniels

Vacations that involve horseback riding are becoming more and more common. In order to thoroughly enjoy your adventure you should make an effort to be adeuquately prepared.

Here's what to expect when you vacation on horseback. Some horseback riding stables have trails with trail guides for novice horseback riders.

Horseback riding stables usually have rules posted for the safety of both the horseback rider and the horse. Horseback riding rules may vary between horseback riding stables, but it is common to permit walking, trotting and slow galloping of horses.

The choice of the horse you are given to ride will depend upon your riding ability, height and weight. Vactioners should be prepared with appropriate clothing for riding includes jeans or other comfortable rugged pants.

Shorts are not recommended, and depending on where you are riding, a long-sleeved shirt is strongly recommended to protect against bug bites.

About the Author:
Rob Daniels has been an equestrian rider for 25 years. He has studied various disciplines additional articles are available at: Riding Stable - http://www.riding-stable.com and Horse Stall http://www.horse-stall.net



About the Author