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Horse Shows by Rob Daniels

Each year tens of thousands of horse shows and other competitions, large and small, sanctioned and informal, are held throughout the U.S. Originally horse shows were informal displays intended to attract buyers for horses. Horse shows were also used to encourage the improvement of every type of horse. Today horse shows are a multimillion dollar industry.


Horse Shows exist for all different riding disciplines. The more difficult horse shows are often rated. More difficult shows generally attract more experienced riders. Some shows attract primarily local riders, while others attract riders from a region. Depending on what discipline the rider competes in, horse shows are judged differently.


If you are considering horse showing, a good lesson and training program is critical. Regular riding lessons with a competent trainer, as it is an integral part of the horse's and rider's showing experience. Students often train and prepare horses for shows for months. It takes a tremendous amount of responsibility and discipline for a young student to excel in jumping and working with their horse.


Always remember the calmest, safest horse can panic in unusual situations. Inexperienced riders, or individuals horse showing should be prepared for their horse to react differently at the horse show.


Horse shows are held on grass or sand, both indoor and outdoor rings are often used. These environmental changes can catch even the most solid horse off guard. Horse shows are not necessarily a good experience for young children. Horse shows add a level of complexity and stress to riding and what is usually a joy for young children. Young riders are often judged on their and their horses' appearance in the show ring. Many parents of young children feel that this sends a difficult and discouraging message to children who are trying hard to learn.


When a horse shows resistance, there is generally a reason for it. When the horse shows signs of fear and nervousness, it's a matter of lovingly helping him overcome the specific issue. Understanding that horses may not act the same at a show as at home is important for children to understand. Horses are unpredictable and a horse show will cause them to experience a variety of things they have not necessarily encountered previously.


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Rob Daniels has been an equestrian rider for 25 years. He has studied various disciplines additional articles are available at: Riding Stable - http://www.riding-stable.com and Horse Stall http://www.horse-stall.net